Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I get a dog license?

Dog licenses are available at City Hall, 8:30 to 4:30, Monday through Friday. See Licensing for more information, including prices.

Where is the Animal Shelter located?

The Shelter is located on Pond Street in Attleboro, near the Seekonk line. Click here for directions.

What are your adoption hours?

Click here for shelter hours.

My children are too young to volunteer, but would still like to help the animals. How can they do this?

Donation day!

Donation day

There are lots of ways that groups of friends, scout troops, or homeroom classes can help the animal shelter. They can hold bake sales or can/bottle drives to raise funds or they can hold collection days for blankets, towels, food and other items on our wish list. Please call us for more information at 774-203-1862.

Where can I get an adoption application?

Visit the Adoption Process page to print the Dog or Cat applications and for more information.

I’d like to adopt a cat, but am not sure I can afford to have it neutered. Can you help?

Yes. First, all cats and dogs of appropriate age are spayed/neutered prior to adoption. Additionally, if you already have a cat who needs to be fixed, the Shelter offers a low-cost ($65) spay/neuter program for cats which is open to residents of Attleboro (only). For more information, see our Spay/Neutering Program.

How does the adoption process work?

Read the adoption process page to learn about the steps involved in the process.

This is my first time adopting a pet. What things should I consider before picking out an animal?

We strongly encourage you to read and consider Nine Thing to Consider Prior to Adopting a Pet and

Things to Think About Before You Adopt a Pet.

I suspect an animal in my neighborhood is being abused. What should I do?

Please contact Animal Attleboro Control at 508-761-5617 (or your town’s animal control officer) right away. Read Prevent Animal Cruelty to learn more about what we call can do to stop this appalling crime.

I’d like to buy products that aren’t tested on animals. Do you know where I can find a list?

PETAPeople for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, or PETA, maintains just such a list covering cosmetics, household products, and personal care items. You can access it (as well as a list of companies who DO animal testing) at Caring Consumer. In addition, PETA provides lists of pet food companies that don’t test on animals as well as charities that do not fund animal testing.

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