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Puppy Here’s a page just for you! Word games and good books to read, hope you have fun! And we’ll be adding more activities, so be sure and check back soon!


Word ScrambleWord Scramble

Word ScramblePrint the Dog & Cat Word Scramble to find a list of hidden words related to our furry friends! Remember to look in all directions!

Match-UpThe words below belong to either a cat or a dog. Can you match each one with the right animal?When you’re done, click to check your Answers.

K Dog GrowlPurrBellBiscuitsFinickyBoneMeow CatnipBarkWagPounceDroolLitterboxFurball K Cat

Great Books for All AgesHere are some good books for you to enjoy. You can get them out of your local Library and while you’re there, ask the librarian to help you find other books about cats and dogs to read!

My First Cat Lighthouse Cat Pet Everything Cat The Cat's House
MyFirst Cat TheLighthouse Cat YourPet Cat EverythingCat TheCats House
“From the American Humane Association series, with plenty of basic information about choosing and caring for a cat.” “A lonely light- house keeper befriends a stray cat on board the supply boat.” “A simple introduc- tion to choosing and caring for a pet cat.” What kids really want to know about cats Photos of colorful ramps, stairs, and cat walks through- out this house (which you may have seen on TV’s Animal Planet).
Little black dog My Big Dog A Kid's Best Friend Everything Dog Happy Kids Happy Dogs
TheLittle Black Dog My Big Dog A Kid’sBest Friend Everything Dog Happy Kids,Happy Dogs
Set on Nantucket, a little black dog meets his new friend, Capt. Bob Douglas. “The arrival of a big-hearted, dopey golden retriever puppy disrupts a reigning cat’s domain” “Lovely collabora-tion by the Global Fund for Children, Planet Dog Philanthropy and photographers around the world.” What kids really want to know about dogs “Easy-to-follow practical dog training tips pre- sented according to your child’s develop- mental stages.”


Can you spot the Pit Bull?

Can You Spot the Pit Bull?Pit Bull Rescue Central, a group dedicated to education about this wonderful breed, developed this fun photograph (used with permission). How many breeds can you name and do you knowwhich one is the pit bull?

You can check your answers here.

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