Paving The Way – One Paw At A Time

Fundraising bricks.Friends of Attleboro Animal Shelter (FAAS) in partnership with the City of Attleboro are teaming up and officially kicking off the Capital Campaign,“Paving the Way – One Paw at a Time”, to raise funds for a new animal shelter. All funds raised will go toward and aid in the cost of construction of the new facility. The current shelter is inadequate and outdated and has outgrown its current and future needs.

The Shelter as it is Today:
Lacks proper ventilation and air circulation, making treatment and containment of even common animal illnesses like Kennel Cough and Feline Upper Respiratory Infection nearly impossible to combat
No qurantine space for sick animals
No islolation area for new arrivals
Potential adopters are cramped as they search for their new pet
Supplies are cramped above kennels, under kennels, inside kennels and in every crevice possible

New Attleboro shelter.

The goal of the new shelter is to create a new facility that will adequately accomodate the current and future demand for animal care and services in Attleboro. The shelter will provide the homeless animals of Attleboro with a safe and healthy start towards their new journey in life.
The Shelter as we Envision it:
Air purification system to provide proper ventilation and air circulation
Separate isolation and quarantine areas
Adoption rooms for families to meet and greet their new pet
Centralized cleaning and sanitation system
Larger kennels to maximize the health and well-being of our cats and dogs
Adequate space inside to properly provide socialization and stimulation
Proper storage for supplies and food